August 3, 2020 — Double-Double, Toil, and Trouble: How Grace Community Church Does Lockdown

  1. Steeple House was shut down because of John’s statement. No, the coffee shop was “shut down” because it did not have the proper permit to operate, nor did it have any hot water for sanitation, but because it happened “during COVID” it must have something to do with the church’s stance. Probably, and probably not.
  2. The $1–2 million PPP loan which the church did not “request” or “receive” was sent back. In the latest church update, John MacArthur states in the 14-minute video that the money was returned that incredulously he explains that the “government put them on a list”. Saying that unreceived and unrequested money was sent back is not proof. The SBA data establishes that the money was requested and approved on June 17, 2020. Unfortunately, there are two problems here…if the money was returned to the bank, “MUFG Union Bank”, then that makes good sense and I hope that to be the case. If it wasn’t returned, then that lie undercuts your entire message. Serving mammon and Caesar while the “faithful” are none the wiser is, unfortunately, all in a day’s work for those you lampooned in your book, “Charismatic Chaos”, which still sits on my bookshelf and not for a place which has been the last stop for expository preaching and verse-for-verse instruction. (Not even Jesus preached that way, but I digress).
  3. Phil Johnson stated that power was going to be shut off to the church. No. Not yet. Not today or on the day it was tweeted. The problem is this…that tweet was a deliberate misrepresentation of the situation here in California used to garner support and empathy towards Grace’s cause. Every conservative retweeted and tweeted support, love, and prayers for “that little church in California” that was being persecuted by the State for “having church”. Later, when pressed for clarification, Johnson offered an April 1st LA Times article which mentioned that “nonessential” businesses that did not comply with the shelter-in-place order would first be educated and then ultimately, fined or at the most, their utilities would be shut off. In no way did that article mention “the church” (Grace Community Church) or ANY church for that matter, but Johnson used it as his source material. Considering that Grace Community Church campus would not have been considered “essential”, they chose to continue their daily operations sans any safety precautions or masks or social distancing through March, April, May, June, July, and August I’m sure. During those months, not ONCE did they receive a visit from LADPH as old man Garcetti warned in the LA Times article.
  4. No, Franklin Graham (that’s a name you don’t hear too often anymore, praise God), John is not going to get arrested. Considering that no one, not Phil Johnson or John MacArthur, or the “Pastor-of-the-Day” is aware of the day-to-day operations of the church, I have no idea how anyone could have spread that rumor, but I did read it in three different articles. All it does is alarm those in and out of California that they may be next if they “stand for Christ”. I’m not saying that day isn’t coming, but it’s not today. We are called to think on things that are “true”, the things that are imminent, not the things that are possible, but improbable. Graham, sir, I have friends, dear friends, lifelong friends closer than family who still attend this church and I have to undo the damage that rumors like this cause.



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