Churros, Coffee and Covid: Outbreak at Grace Community Church, part 2

2020: The Worst Christmas of Our Lives

  1. COVID PCR tests are inaccurate and should not be trusted.
  2. Don’t take the vaccine as it’s just a money ploy.
  3. Grace is welcoming 400 new members.
  4. The giving is the best it’s ever been.
  5. There are no long-term side effects to COVID.
  • **One week later, 7 in attendance, now have symptoms and have tested positive for COVID.
  • Yes <hits mic and blows into it> 7 people, elders and staff, have COVID symptoms and have subsequently tested positive as a direct result of going to a Staff Christmas party.

And we can build this Dream together…Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Amen?

  • *Dr. Will Varner and his wife announced on Facebook that they had been sick for a week now. Please consider praying for them. He is a TMU professor, Leader at GCC, and fixture at the Shepherd’s Conference.
  • Please also considering praying that God will turn hearts and minds to empathy and Truth now as ever as hundreds are home suffering with COVID and many have taken a turn for the worse having to be hospitalized.



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Modern Day Zorro

Modern Day Zorro

Ungodly Blogger by Night, Corporate Stooge By Day. Former GCC Member. Articles, usually light-hearted with a musical component. Stories of abuse and corruption.