Day 2 of Blogmas: Grace Immunity Church, “The Only Church Open in Los Angeles”. Hayman!

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2 min readDec 9, 2022

Year 2 of Covid and still John MacArthur continued to call it a “phony pandemic” at the time of the above tweet (and currently, at the point of writing this hapless article). Despite the fact that so many had suffered, died and were long forgotten in the halls of Graceland. Frankly, if you left the church, you were already long considered and forgotten by the time the car door slammed on your drive home.

Extraordinary the things that were said by John and repeated by so many Grace members, and Tim Hurd of BTWN, and then later, by such respected repositories and conservative voices like Protestia and Reformation Charlotte. Besides the “there is no pandemic”, and “it’s just the flu” mutterings which we all were hoping for in those early days, reality does have to…eventually figure.


The video above is not parody. It’s not sarcasm, sardonism. It’s the straight stuff that the cameras don’t show. I actually have other videos, but this one is so cultish, so “we’re the last ones standing for Christ and therefore we won’t get Covid” that I have to showcase it.

Let the Reader understand:

  1. There absolutely is a God-given immunity, but all humans, not just those who go to Grace Community Church, have it.
  2. Grace members and attendees did say that they were “protected” from Covid because they assembled on Sunday…and in-person. I can’t imagine the abuse that a charismatic would receive if they had said the same thing because they were near Joel Osteen, or T.D. Jakes or, of course, Uncle Benny Hinn. What an absolutley repulsive view of God’s mercy! Frankly, what pride to say that because I am doing what is right, I’m being blessed and you other peons watching on Livestream with Covid…well, that’s what you get. And also Stop the Steal.
  3. MacArthur had ALREADY had Covid by the time he had said this statement. So, by his logic, having had Covid, he doesn’t have this divine immunity? How does it work exactly. If a baby is born and the father goes to Grace Church later that week, does he impart half of the divine immunity? Or, if you go to Sunday AM, but are not part of a fellowship group, what is the divine immunity rate at the point? Is there an expiration? Does inflation figure, i.e. milk went up 25% and veg a whopping 17%…you see what I mean? I’ve got to ask an elder. They’ll know.
Attendee, random post we received. Around July 2021

We miss you, Philly.



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