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Dear Christian: Short Essays for Tidbits that Did Not fit into a Larger Post

(remember the Dear Kitten series on Youtube?

August 19, 2020

Dear Christian: These past few weeks have been a blur. Wildfires, power outages, and restraining orders, oh-my. Twice I went to the store only to forget my mask and had to return home. I am down to my last cup of coffee and pray that my order comes on FedEx tomorrow with provisions of the “good stuff”. I remember at the start of the first Lockdown in March, I would drive around my city in disbelief of the number of stores that were either shuttered or temporarily closed due to the pandemic. When I saw that the Order kept being renewed and expanded, I started to get that sour-feeling in my stomach when you know it’s about to get worse. Call it “anxiety” (heaven forbid a Christian ever admit to being anxious about something) or call it that claustrophobic feeling you get when decisions are being made for you and you’re just waiting to hear what they are.

In March, April and May, I used to watch the daily reports from the Los Angeles County officials, as well as the occasional update by Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsome. You got the sense that things were escalating very quickly and that they were making things up as they went along to put it bluntly. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen all of the “conspiracy theory” videos regarding the coronavirus, even the ones that had been taken down on Bitchute. I let a spectrum of news and information tell the whole story because, unfortunately, when there is an agenda truly only God knows the outcome and purposes.

I honestly don’t know where the truth lies here. I would never be so arrogant as to say that “it’s a hoax” or that “it’s just the flu” because if it is the flu, I think precautions should be taken to prevent the flu’s seasonal devastation if I were a pastor and cared. I couldn’t be cavalier with people’s lives.

Dear Christian: The extent of my involvement in “this” is a Twitter account, a PACER account, and a little too much time of my hands thanks to this lockdown, so again, thank you, Governor Newsom. I don’t know how people can read Romans 13 and walk away with support for MacArthur. It’s so clear. The message and logic unassailable. It seems like this situation rather invites the rabble to jeer at the evil “authorities”, lionizing an old preacher, championing a message so full of its own virtue that it must for the very sake of the Gospel itself be shouted from the rooftops for all the unbelieving world to hear. As they say…the medium is the message.

The Medium: John MacArthur uses the Pulpit to make jabs at the authorities, Jenna Ellis on Social Media, media outlets talking about a case that she is not the counsel of Record; a constant shrill tone throughout, lambasting her opponent like they owed her money and mama needs a new pair of shoes (in all seriousness, out-of-state attorneys cannot represent clients unless they seek permission by the California Bar and the appropriate courthouse first).

Even if Grace Community Church was right, the ways in which they have deceived the LADPH and the greater unbelieving world is utterly disgraceful. They have stated in the Complaint (which as of August 20, 2020, has still not shown the light of day) about all the things that Grace Community has done for the community, that they have always maintained proper safety protocols and procedures. That’s in no way close to being true. The Complaint was written by someone who has no intimate knowledge of Los Angeles or the GCC campus and operations. It’s a fiction entirely. And until I see a filed copy with e-stamp, I can believe that the Complaint was not only not filed on August 12, 2020, but that it was never filed, even though I’ve seen hundreds of articles by local news affiliates and blogs that “Grace Community Files Lawsuit against Gavin Newsom”. Even Thomas More was careful to only post the unfiled Complaint.

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There is a lot of confusion about this situation and if you give me two minutes maybe I can shed a little light on it. FYE: There are currently two “cases” pertaining to John MacArthur and Grace Community Church. You can follow along if you know the case numbers. You can view the documents the next time you read an article and see if what they say has really happened.

  1. Grace Community church v. Gavin Newsom, et al. filed August 12th, 2020, in the North Central District; however, a filed copy has never been posted or a case number assigned and as of August 20, 2020, there is no record of the filing in the North Central District or any other district for that matter.
  3. (California Court of Appeals No. )

This pertains to the Restraining Order. This is the “case”, the only case that Grace Community is involved with and they are losing. Many articles have stated incorrectly that Grace has “won” their case, but they seem to be combining both of these cases together since Jenna Ellis appears to be commenting on BOTH which doesn’t help matters, pun intended.

4. It is also especially noteworthy to remember that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is also meeting this week to decide what the next steps will be regarding Grace Community. I do not have much information about it as its non-judicial and the Board may also seek litigation as well.

So, there you have it.

— Not a Federal case

— Not Targeted Specifically to Grace Community church (the cheek)

— It boils down to, “go outside, wear a mask, try to social distance”. John the Baptist preached anywhere and everywhere the Lord led him. Simpler times.



Ungodly Blogger by Night, Corporate Stooge By Day. Former GCC Member. Articles, usually light-hearted with a musical component. Stories of abuse and corruption.

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Ungodly Blogger by Night, Corporate Stooge By Day. Former GCC Member. Articles, usually light-hearted with a musical component. Stories of abuse and corruption.