Former Grace Community Church Associate Pastor Rebukes MacArthurite Youtuber for “Gossip” over the Eileen Gray Incident; Regarding Staff and Elders: “They Should Have Been Publicly Rebuked”

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4 min readMar 22, 2022


When the Roys Report’s first installment of the Eileen Gray excommunication was published almost two week ago, several Youtubers took to responding to the article. Those like Tim Hurd, of BTWN, and Tim Frisch, of the Frisch Perspective, were very active supporters of Grace Community Church during their stance to re-open and defy authorities. They learned very quickly that videos regarding John MacArthur would garner exponentially more views than they had ever received prior to their coverage. More on that.

In a video entitled, “John MacArthur Accused by Roys Report of Shaming Abuse Victim Eileen Gray”, Frisch gives his standard mild take on the article without knowing many of the details. In his “perspective”, he maintained that the elders did not have all the facts (they did), that they acted in a biblical manner in keeping with those facts (they did not) and that Ms. Roys is biased against MacArthur (attack the messenger), so we should not be so quick to judge.

He doesn’t see the hypocrisy.

If the writer is so incapable, ignore the article. If the writer has bias, engage with the subject matter nonetheless. He cautions his viewers to not be so quick to judge, but he has made a Youtube video on a matter to which he has not researched. A proper rebuttal, which is what all these videos really are, would look to other sources, court records to dispel the claims in the article, which would only demonstrate that the reporting was fair. These guys don’t do that!

Change has come. Youtube is a different place. No longer are these MacArthurite Youtube Channel comments such a hornet’s nest. There is actual analysis and discourse being had! A line has been drawn in the sand where we see the evidence of a church that has harbored and aided a convicted pedophile for decades, obscured that fact, and if you cross it, you are by association also supporting that vile system.

The comments are now quite largely in Eileen’s favor. The dissenters seem to have Doug Wilson’s, Grace to You, and James White’s channels in their favorites, take that for what you will. I cannot believe we are seeing this day. I have often thought of who else will also publicly rebuke Grace Community Church for what they did, or if more associates will either rebuke or disavow their lucrative partnerships. I was hoping Ligonier had done that recently, but it turned out that John MacArthur had canceled. No excuse given. We apparently can criticise Julie Roys’ timing (1st day of Shepherds’ Conference), but not John MacArthur’s absence in the pulpit the following Sunday. Her second installment, the most damning of the two, dropped Thursday at 8:44pm PST(?) and by 2pm the next day, they announced that Phil Johnson would be preaching.

An Unlikely Critic, But Appreciated

Steve Camp, whose biography I do not need to post, CCM legend, SBC pastor and former Associate Pastor of Singles and Evangelistic Outreach at Grace Community Church in the late 90s, posted a comment on the Frisch Perspective video:

Now, I have joked many times about how the Steve Camp I knew at Grace Church is not the one that we see today with his sarcastic, misogynistic barbs and appearances on the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, so I was surprised when I saw him speaking with Tim Hurd some time back, mentioned to him that I found his support of MacArthur to be surprising given the way that they treated him. On the very surface of it, MacArthur was upset that Steve Camp’s Grace Bridge, a mid-week ministry of music and fellowship, was starting to gain some real traction and become more popular by the week. Next thing, I know, it was gone. We were told nothing. That’s how it was at Grace. Sorry, “is” at Grace.

I had mentioned this to Steve on Twitter and he blocked me. I did not think my statement was worthy of a block, but he has apparently blocked a lot of people on Twitter, so I shouldn’t feel special in that regard. I honestly can only hope that Steve Camp also issues the same rebuke to Tim Hurd who has made more videos on the Eileen Gray excommunication and has attacked the Youtubers, to the point of calling them “wolves”, who dared not to speak in tones of adoration of John MacArthur, as we ought do.

In further CCM News, Steven Curtis Chapman used to come to Grace Community Church and sing at Carey Hardy’s fellowship. Knowing Steve’s love for adopted children, will he then to disavow Grace Community Church and rebuke Carey Hardy knowing that he was attending a church that was supporting a father who molested his adopted children? I realize these are sensitive subjects, but we should not let a day go by without righting an apparent wrong. Or, is Steven Curtis Chapman also going to block me. That one will hurt. But, I’ll get over it.




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