Grace Community Church Held Revival Outdoors: 3,000 Souls Added

  1. The future pastor: You went to the Master’s College (I won’t call it a University and if they don’t get their act together with the accreditation, neither will anyone else), got your degree in Biblical Studies, two years of Greek, one-year Hebrew and you’re off to the races. Your home church wants you to one day go back and be their pastor.
  2. The Seminary student: After TMC, you enroll and did not realize how hard it was going to be. Greek class is the bane of your existence and Homiletics-what? You arrive on campus every morning preparing a sermon in the sing-song manner of Steve Lawson, remembering to put…the EMPHASIS on certain words so the POWER of the Word of God will be HEARD. You survive on cheap coffee and wonder when it will start to get easier.
  3. The Future Pastor’s Wife: Graduate of the Master’s College, possible Home Economics or Music major. You have a list of the attributes you are looking for in a “godly husband” on your desk somewhere. You know that somewhere at church is the godly man for you to “submit” to and who will be an amazing father to your 5 children, which of course, you will also raise at Grace because the “pastor” thing isn’t going to work out.
  4. The Out-of-Towner: It’s a big church. You come for 10am service, greet the usher, listen to John, speak to no one, and leave. You’ve been doing this for over 15 years and that’s alright by you.
  5. The Core: A relatively small group who keep the machine running. They volunteer for every Shepherd’s Conference, Strange Fire, Truth Matters, Sunday School, services, ushers. The worker bees. They are kind, industrious and would be the only ones who would greet you if you came.
  6. Finally, the Chief Priests and Scribes: Quite Honestly, the Elders and a few others in leadership. A ragtag band of not-so-merry men, young upstarts. Think…the Elders of Emperorland in Happy Feet.

“It’s Nothing More than a Golden Calf”: There’s Always a Happy Face at Grace



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Modern Day Zorro


Ungodly Blogger by Night, Corporate Stooge By Day. Former GCC Member. Articles, usually light-hearted with a musical component. Stories of abuse and corruption.