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Master’s Seminary Professor Advises Grandmother to Attend Grandson’s Transgender Wedding and “Bring a Gift”; Youtubers Rush to the Content Trough and Omit This Clear Partnership Between TMS, Grace Community Church and Allistair Begg

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This year’s Shepherds’ Conference is definitely shaping up to be the worst one on record. If you have been keeping track, our fearless leader, Reverend John MacArthur will not let a thing like Covid and “ungodly bloggers” get in the way of a good time. Let’s check the timeline. Have to admit, the details are fuzzy.

2020 ShepCon-Covid outbreak and several pastors contracted the virus at the conference and still a few may have died in attendance.

2021 ShepCon-The State of California Public Health Department did not allow for conventions of any kind. The LADPH, who had also sued the church that previous August, held that large-scale conventions were not permitted following State guidelines. Within hours of a New York Times story on Grace Community Church and the upcoming conference, the “elders” made the difficult decision to cancel the event.

2022 ShepCon-the “State of the Church”. Drs. Austin Duncan and John MacArthur took to the stage and an “empty” sanctuary to talk, complain and spill the Fresca on all things Christendom. They winked at the camera as they spoke about how it was “canceled” to the roar of laughter coming from the peanut gallery as they waved their free LSBs and Steeple House coffee.

— The Roys Report on the Eileen Gray scandal is published, casting quite the shadow over the event.

2023 ShepCon — Following a lengthy hospital stay in January, and subsequent recovery at home, it was unsure whether or not John could make it to last year’s ShepCon. Though the church maintained that he was in good health, and that nothing was amiss, family and friends were saying that he had been in the hospital after a fall had left him with a broken arm and concussion. He was able to attend with help from family, but appeared in a black hat, a cast, and a very visible bruise to his forehead. He ended the conference with a very long sermon on Zechariah, but with all the lies, many in attendance were disappointed by the whole experience.

2024. The man cannot catch a break. What next, locusts?

Allistair Begg, a long-time friend, associate of MacArthur’s and a fixture at The Master’s Seminary, as well as the Shepherds’ Conference gave the advice to a grandmother that she should attend her grandson’s transgender wedding and to go even one step further, and “bring a gift”. Apparently, this interview was conducted in October 2023, yet it had not appeared for consideration in social media until last week. How can it be?

Why now? That’s what the brain trust in charge of this year’s Shepherds’ Conference must be thinking as several Youtubers and “fans” are demanding that Begg be removed from this year’s Speaker lineup. There is an assumption that John will reprove Begg publicly, but that’s naive. There is the expectation that he will be disinvited from the conference and that, too, is a bit short-sighted. That’s not how GCC does things.

BTWN: Tim Hurd, Len, and Justin Peters

Youtubers Delight: Hustle and Churn to “Defend the Flock”

If you watch one video on Allistair Begg and the current controversy, Google will be good to promote all videos on the topic. I waded through mostly MacArthurite channels with a few smaller ones that gave a biblical response to the issue, which was terribly refreshing. My rationale for spending the time was to see what levels of hypocrisy this group could attain. In other words, would these channels omit the part that Begg is a Master’s Seminary professor for the Doctorate of Ministry program, a favorite at the Shepherds’ Conference and at Billy Graham’s the Cove in NC?

For the most part, my impression was that all of these channels save two could know that Begg is a professor, but that all knew that he was to speak at this year’s Shepherds’ Conference. Most, it appeared omitted that fact, and made sure to “report” on this issue, feign concern and outrage, all the while not allowing any mention of John and GCC to enter the chat. It’s a brilliant performance.

Better Days


  1. Begg will be removed from the ShepCon Lineup;
  2. Giving John the opportunity to speak about this issue at the Conference, making him look like a hero to the ever-increasing militant attendees;
  3. At the Conference, other speakers will preach loudly against what Begg advised, inserting points into their sermons moments before and galvanizing the base even further. This will be a turning point and unfortunately, just like the Highlander, there can be only one.

Only one Scotsman megapastor.

  • John is actually Canadian, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good meme.

The Scottish Play



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