Shepherds’ Conference 2022: Unashamed and Unvaxxed; Amidst Covid Regulations for Mega Events, Grace Community Church Hosts Bible Conference, Will not Comply

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The most current LADPH health order requires participants of Mega Events (500 indoor attendees or more) to show proof that they are fully vaccinated or present a negative PCR test within 24 hours, to remain masked at all times and to eat in designated areas. Delta and Omicron variants are still overwhelming hospitals and testing sites. So, while this is the current situation, I cannot imagine that Grace Community Church, whose ink is still drying on the settlement agreement will not draw the ire of the governing powers that be when they welcome thousands of pastors and leaders from all over the world to an even worse health crisis. Strike that. “Phony pandemic”.

For reference: page 11 of the current County Health Order
And, yes, Dear Reader, that is Mark Driscoll

“Here we are now, Entertain Us”

“I can’t believe they are still having it with everything going on. It is the same speakers we have all heard before…it is like they’re living in another world”. — Daniel B.

“It’s not worth the risk, the time away, the money. Can’t do it this year”. — Steven M., pastor

Last year, if you recall, Grace Community Church was embroiled in two lawsuits with the County over the restrictions placed on gatherings; however, while they gave lip service to following the rules at The Master’s University and Seminary, and misrepresented their intentions to the courts on several key points, they withheld to even their long-time members that people were gravely ill, and had died. The narrative was crumbling.

There was a situation though. The Shepherds’ Conference is not afforded the same rights and protections as a religious service would then and, quite frankly, now. No legal team, not even an “elite strike force”, could transcend that fact. So, the “ungodly writers” at the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and of course, MDZ, “took up and wrote”. In less than 24 hours, the church tweeted that due to current litigation, they decided to postpone the event.

So, without the prohibition of indoor events encountered in 2021, the church is free to host the event provided that full vaccination status or testing requirements are demonstrated and masking occurs. I only had two, possibly three, residual questions regarding this matter:

  1. Is there a stipulation in the settlement agreement where Grace Community Church agrees to abide by the laws pertaining to workplace and non-church related events (a convention being a prime example)?
  • When a matter is settled, oftentimes in order to settle the matter quickly both sides will concede an essential point, but reserve the ability for future enforcement. Like in the case here, church services are protected from interference, but conventions and conferences are quite a different matter.

2. Sovereign Grace Music. Really? That’s still happening.

3. When will a Mark Driscoll, Doug Wilson, and Sean Feucht breakout session happen? Add an appearance by James Lindsay and it’s Christmas come early.

Breakout Session — “Somehow I Manage”



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