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Without Integrity: The Master’s University and Seminary — Resignations, Retaliations and Recriminations, part 2

Modern Day Zorro
5 min readMar 7, 2021


We do not stand upon ceremony. This is what happened.

February 12, 2021: The TMUS Board met and discussed the 5-part plan that I had mentioned in my previous article. As disastrous as it was to the incoming students of both institutions, the only one it benefited was John MacArthur and due to that fact, the plan was agreed upon. They are going to split the schools, abandon accreditation (financial aid no longer available), place TMS under the leadership of the GCC Elders, and seek accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools. In turn, The Master’s University would no longer have the financial backing that the MacArthur clan, i.e. John MacArthur Charitable Trust, previously offered.

February 12th-22nd, 2021: In less than a fortnight, this unfolded

TMUS Board gives Dr. Horn the authority to restructure the schools and as a seasoned Administrator, Horn proceeds to find any deficiencies or necessary improvements and makes a decision to fire or demote, Dean of Faculty, Nathan Busenitz and Kevin Zuber.

Learning of these plans, Busenitz and Zuber go to John MacArthur (who has no real authority at both institutions) and he is outraged by this move. MacArthur goes above the board and determines to fire Horn.

Horn expressed that when he was first hired in, the Board promised that they would not split the schools. A year ago, TMUS pushed for a unified school system: one President, one Board. Transparency and Reform. That was what Horn was told when he started there. The meeting on February 12, 2021, demonstrated that they were willing to break their promise and force Horn to resign to placate MacArthur.

As a result, 3 board members resigned shortly thereafter and several more are also considering making the same move. If that happens, the only remaining Board members will be GCC or TMS-affiliated members who “have nowhere else to go”.

February 23, 2021: Sam Horn fired or “forced to resign”, unofficially

Friday, February 26, 2021: Official report, Sam Horn tenders his resignation. Dr. John Stead sends out an email at 7:50pm later that night regarding a mandatory meeting on Monday, March 1, 2021 at 9:15am. They separate the faculty and the staff into separate classrooms. He is careful to note that there will be no Zoom option.

Monday, March 1st, 2021: Meeting of Faculty and Staff, followed by TMU Chapel Announcement by Abner Chou

  • TMU website is updated to reflect Dr. Horn’s removal and their search for a permanent president.

March 3, 2021: Dr. Stead sends out an announcement at 2:00pm confirming that Dr. Abner Chou (remember he’s the one who slandered his predecessor in Monday’s Chapel?) has been appointed the Interim President

March 5, 2021: TMU website is updated to reflect Chou’s appointment as Interim President


The Takeaways:

  1. Sam Horn was only appointed to placate the accreditation agency, so when the decision finally came down regarding the probation, his services were no longer needed. It is just the way the game is played at TMUS. No integrity.
  2. The remaining Board members, some, are fixing to resign because MacArthur’s move to place TMS under the leadership of the GCC leadership gives them less influence, and let’s face it, being on the Board of a small college is not what they bargained for. Frankly, I cannot imagine anyone on the board to be ignorant of the dynamic that exists. They signed up knowing that all roads lead to John MacArthur. They benefited immensely by the association, financially and every which way.
  3. Let’s not forget this whole situation, benefits no one. Horn just became a member of GCC on December 6th, 2020. He and his family did. I don’t imagine when they were smiling and standing on the sanctuary they ever believed that things would turn out like this. Perhaps they should have read a few “ungodly bloggers”, ones long before mine. The ones who told about stories like “Jane” and “Jane #2”, and so many, many others who had been inexplicably fired, discarded and maligned by the waiting throng of paid accusers.
  4. I received many emails and DM’s detailing how they couldn’t believe the report regarding Sam Horn. They explained that they had heard of Chou’s slanderous 6-minute message of Horn and saw my incredulous tweets. Unbelievable. Even if it were true, why are you telling a group of students for the first time of the character of their President. I received emails from TMU parents and a few faculty and they stated that they thought Dr. Horn was a good administrator and kind, a bit of a “micromanager”, but a workaholic. Chou’s statements recalling Horn’s “pugnacious” manner and claims of being “disqualified as an elder” are clearly out of left field and indicative more of how they (GCC) dispose of someone.

— So, you gotta wonder who will make the announcement in Chapel when it comes time to announce the permanent president and it’s not Chou?

— And, Sam, if you’re reading this…the NDA and the non-disparagement clause in the paperwork you signed is considered null and void based upon the defamatory statements so stated in that Chapel. They breached it clearly. I’d get on the “Horn” with a good lawyer. Thoughts and Prayers.

Dedicated to everyone who has been discarded, fired, dismissed and still trust that what they reap, they will sow. Stay Golden.

And for those who want to have a little “church”.



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