Without Regard: How the Master’s Seminary Ruined Mother’s Day, Took Money from Caesar and Cleared Out Their Faculty and Staff, part 3

  1. Divorce itself from the Master’s University since it is joined as one legal entity
  2. Prepare to disengage from the WASC; and partner with the Association of Theological Schools (which knowing the “politics” that TMS has embroiled itself will quickly decline the application)
  3. File new paperwork to create another, separate legal entity. Go unaccredited and watch the phones stop ringing as students lose scholarship and financial aid opportunities by this single move.
  4. And like Solomon, divide the TMUS board right down the middle where the current TMUS board directs only the University; and the Seminary falls under the direct leadership of the Grace Elders, which by Providence includes Head Elder, Pastor-Teacher John MacArthur
PPP loan data, the Master’s University and Seminary: Top 10 in the State, certainly the smallest institution

Take the Money and Run: Promos and Payoffs

  1. hold multiple positions at GCC/TMS ($$$)
  2. an elder at GCC
  3. attend GCC; no. real. ministry. experience, but they’re going to teach you how it is done?
  4. Have all, or close to all, of their degrees obtained at the Master’s University and Seminary (I’ve said it before…real scholarship can only come from a variety of perspectives, opportunities and time at multiple institutions.)

TMS Graduation Commencement 2021: Sorry Mom, Put Down the Mimosa, I Have to Go Graduate

How to Succeed in Ministry (Without Really Trying)



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Modern Day Zorro

Modern Day Zorro


Ungodly Blogger by Night, Corporate Stooge By Day. Former GCC Member. Articles, usually light-hearted with a musical component. Stories of abuse and corruption.